Training Videos

The videos on this page are for MPE for Windows.
MPE for Mac videos are here

The following training videos show how to get started with and use MPE for Windows.
Remember for additional help you can always press F1 in MPE, or you can contact the support desk (the link is in the ‘Contact’ top menu item in this website).
There’s a space at the bottom of each video to leave comments – feel free to comment there if anything’s not clear.

Training Video 1 has been decomissioned – it used to be download instructions – but the download process is now much easier
2. Media Player Basics
2a. Importing Courses
3. Libraries
4. Loops and Sections
5. Associated Files
6. Trainers, Performance Key and Performance Tempo
7. Setting up trainers when unsure of key or tempo
8. Defining Key Patterns
9. About and Support
10. Working with TrueFire Courses
11. Working with GuitarTricks Courses