Slow down music whilst retaining pitch. Zoom videos.

tool for practicing musicians - slows audio and video whilst retaining pitch
Music practice guitarist

tool for practicing musicians - slows audio and video whilst retaining pitch

New Features!!! – Course Accelerators, Smart Metronome and Overhauled Course Manager  

Your practice time is precious

Life is hectic. But you want to get better, right? You’ve bought a heap of educational videos and audio and you know you could get more out of them to make your playing sound the way you lust for.
Of course, no mere tool is going to get you there. That’s your responsibility.
But a bit of help wouldn’t hurt.

MPE is a media player designed specifically to help you practice.

It does all the things you’d expect: Slow down AUDIO whilst retaining pitch, adjusting pitch, named loops (so you can quickly access the important parts of your lessons)…
But it does much more: Slow down VIDEO whilst retaining pitch, Zoom on videos, trainers that let you gradually increase tempo and/or change key (great for jazzers) on each loop repetition, associate jam tracks charts and your own notes to each lesson. And more…

MPE works with any course that you can download to your Windows computer, including:

New Features

Course Accelerator

Course Accelerators
Download preset definitions of courses, then load them into MPE – this loads up useful information for all lessons in a course (useful sections, keys, tempos, time signatures, lesson names, associated charts/jams) – HUGE time saver!

Smart Metronome

Smart Metronome
Automatically defaults to the same tempo and time signature as the lesson or jam track you’re currently working with. Trainer mode allows you to gradually work towards target tempos

See it in action

After your 7 day trial expires MPE goes into audio only mode - yours free forever. How is that?
Main Features

Slow Down Video or Audio whilst retaining pitch

Ever get frustrated when an instructor is playing too fast for your to see what he/she is doing? Would you like to be able to play along slowly until you’re ready to speed up? Slowing music down is such a vital part of learning to play, that these days it’s a given. But being able to do it on video takes you to a new level

Zoom Video

Zoom in to see exactly how that tricky passage is being played.
When you combine this with slowing the video or stepping through a page at a time, you’ll be playing it right in no time.


How often have you been told to play something in a variety of keys, or to gradually build up the tempo?
This really is an effective way to practice – but do you do it? If not maybe part of the reason is that it’s a hassle to set up. Trainers make this easy. Set up the number of repeats, and how you’d like to vary the key and/or tempo on each repeat. The trainer takes care of the rest

Smart Metronome

A fully featured metronome that automatically defaults to the same tempo and time signature as the lesson or jam track you’re currently working with. Trainer mode allows you to gradually work towards target tempos

Get Organized

Your practice time is precious. These features help to guard it…
*** NEW *** Course Accelerators – quickly load up useful information about a course’s lessons (keys, preset sections, tempos etc.)
* Bookmark useful sections of lessons (video or audio) so that you could come back to them whenever you need a refresher.
* Organize your lessons in libraries.
* Store your notes against your lessons.
* Associate your lessons with jam tracks, pdf charts, Guitar Pro, Power Tab, web pages and Word documents for easy access
* Your lesson setup is automatically recalled – the playback position, speed & pitch, sections & notes
* Import whole courses in a few clicks (optimized for TrueFire courses)

You can even import your all your Truefire courses in a few clicks!

Why use MPE for TrueFire courses?

You can import ALL of your TrueFire courses in just a few clicks (as long as you've downloaded them from the TrueFire website), and have the jam files, pdf charts, GuitarPro, PowerTab, and lesson notes all ready to go. Each lesson is named as in the TrueFire player. It's a beautiful thing! Of course, TrueFire have now got the TrueFire App - which is also a beautiful thing, but MPE gives you more...

Extra capabilities over the TrueFire app

  • zoom in on video
  • bookmark sections that you want to come back to quickly
  • MPE's trainer lets you progressively work a lick/exercise through keys and/or tempos. When working through keys you can define the pattern – e.g. circle of 4ths, chromatic ascending/descending
  • adjust the playback pitch
  • save your own notes against a lesson.
  • the new Truefire App does allow slow motion and fast video - but it's just one speed in each direction (about -60% and +140%). MPE allows continuous speed adjustments from -50% to +100%.
  • Store all your video/audio courses in the one application - not just those from Truefire.
  • Show the key at the current pitch, and the tempo at the current playback speed.
  • All your bookmarks, loops and settings (pitch, speed, volume) are remembered for you the next time you play that lesson

What about Video Surgeon?

We're not the only show in town if you want to do video zooming. Video Surgeon also cover this (it’s an awesome product). They're currently on sale at $119.95 (MPE costs $29.99). They do some things we don't - most notably video editing/saving. But they don't have the musician-specific features that we do.


Guitarist Larry Fitzgerald - loves slowing down video whilst retaining pitch
It helped me figure out difficult passages and even find mistakes between the videos and the tab
I loved the fact I could hear the video when changing speed.Larry FItzgerald
guitarist Chris Lehto - finds MPE an effective music practice tool
It is very straightforward, easy to use, and is highly effective for what it is intended to do. It allowed me to reach one of my current goals.Chris Lehto
This product is going to boost the efficiency of my practice time by keeping my practice materials organized and at my fingertips. Being able to automatically practice an exercise through all keys is a fabulous feature.Jeff (last name withheld)
I was very pleasantly surprised that I could even drop in a DVD vob and have it work as well.
The ability to slow down videos is something that I haven’t been able to do before. Very nice!Layne Cook
MPE is a great piece of software for guitarists with a desire to learn and progress in an effective and time efficient manner. Chopping up video or audio into smaller bits, looping, zooming, changing pitch and changing tempo are essential tools for transforming material to match your current abilities and make progress possible. The challenge of this approach is that you end up with an confusing amount of bits and ever-changing settings. The main advantage of MPE is that it organizes this mess and gives you a great overview of the journey, while at the same time enabling you to instantly dive right down into the smallest bits that you are working on with all the optimized settings and tools of your previous sessions.Janus Birch

Screenshots of MPE – the Musician’s Music and Video SlowDown tool

THE Musician’s Media Player

The Musician's Media Player - change tempo whilst retaining pitch. Zoom Video.

Trainers – Systematically work through tempos and/or keys

Music Trainer Gradually Adjust Tempo and or Key

Import any course – including TrueFire and GuitarTricks

import Courses including Truefire Courses and Guitar Tricks Courses

Smart Metronome – automatically defaults to the tempo and time signature of the track you’re working with. Has a trainer to gradually work towards a target tempo

Smart Metronome - Automatically set to the same tempo as the track/lesson you're working with. Metronome has trainer to gradually work to tempo

Course Accelerators – Quickly load up one of our definitions for popular courses. Each lesson is divided into key sections. All tempos, keys, and time signatures are set. Each lesson is named. Jams,  charts, powertab, GuitarPro get associated to each lesson.

Course Accelerators - quickly load up presets for popular courses. All tempos, keys, time signatures, sections and lesson names are set