What is ‘MPE’?
We often refer to Musician’s Practice Edge as MPE

How do I add videos or audio to MPE?
Just drag them onto MPE from Windows Explorer. You can drag multiple files in at once.
Or you can import courses. This works especially well for TrueFire courses

How do I associate other files to a lesson?
You can associate jam tracks, pdf charts, web pages, Guitar Pro files, Power Tab files Word documents or Wordpad documents to any lesson. You do this by dragging those files from Windows Explorer onto the relevant button in the ‘Files’ box.

This makes it very easy to reference those associated files whilst you’re viewing/listening to a lesson.

Can I slow down associated jam tracks?
Yes. All features that are available for audio lessons also work for jam tracks:

  • adjust tempo
  • adjust pitch
  • create sections
  • key and tempo trainer
  • show effective key
  • show effective tempo

What video formats are supported?
.mp4 and .wmv are fully supported

The following formats will probably also work on your computer – but they are not currently supported: AVCHD (m2ts, ts video), F4V, swf, MKV, DIVX, Mov, Avi, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, flv, VOB, asf

We plan to add full support for these formats soon in a future release (which will be free upgrades for customers who’ve already purchased Musician’s Practice Edge).

If you’ve got videos in these formats why not try them out using the free trial?

Is streaming video supported?
This will be available soon in future releases (which will be free upgrades for customers who’ve already purchased Musician’s Practice Edge)

What platforms is MPE available on?
Currently only Windows, unfortunately. We’re planning to support other platforms soon. If you’d like us to contact you when we’re available on your platform you can leave your contact details on our Platforms Page

What audio formats are supported?
.mp3, wav, .m4a, .mid

What format do TrueFire courses need to be in to import them?
Ideally you’ve downloaded a TrueFire course from the TrueFire website.

You can also import Truefire courses that you’ve got over the Truefire app, however:
a) you have to download the content from the app first (easy to do)
b) the import does not pick up the names of the lessons (which it does if you’ve downloaded the course from the TrueFire website)

Note you can’t use streaming from TrueFire TV in MPE – you have to have bought the course from TrueFire to use it in MPE.

What does the course import do for non-Truefire courses?
It imports videos and links up associated materials for those videos (charts, jam files, GuitarPro files, PowerTab files) – it finds these by looking for files with the same names as the videos (not including the file extension of course)

The demonstration video shows a lesson broken up into sections. How are these sections created?
You set up sections yourself. The sections are essentially named loops.

The demonstration video shows a lesson broken up into sections. How are these sections created?
You key these in yourself.

What gets automatically set for you are the ‘Effective BPM’ and ‘Effective Key’

The ‘Effective BPM’ shows you the current playback tempo after adjusting for changes in the playback speed that you’ve made.

The ‘Effective Key’ shows you the current playback key after adjusting for changes in the playback pitch that you’ve made.

The trainer allows for progressively increasing tempo. Can you also progressively decrease tempo?

Can you progressively change both tempo and key in the trainer?

How can you progress through keys in the trainer?
Out of the box you can work through keys in these patterns:

  • Chromatic Ascending
  • Chromatic Descending
  • Circle of Fourths
  • Random

You can also very easily create your own patterns

I ‘m moving to another computer – how can I move MPE?

Firstly if you’ve bought a licence, raise a support ticket here: https://musicianspracticeedge.freshdesk.com/support/login, and we’ll issue you a new licence

Now, if you need to move your MPE libraries to the new computer you’ll need to copy some .xml files – here’s the instructions (sorry, this is not a straightforward process yet – but it’s not too bad!)

  1. On the old machine, open a windows explorer, copy/paste this text into the address bar: %localappdata%/mpeLite Data then press Enter
  2. In that directory, you’ll find some .xml files. Get a copy of all of those that correspond to your MPE libraries (but not Config.xml or Settings.xml) – put them onto a USB, or Dropbox – anywhere where you’ll be able to access them on the new computer
  3. On the new computer, again open a windows explorer, copy/paste this text into the address bar: %localappdata%/mpeLite Data then press Enter
  4. Copy the files from step 3. into that directory
  5. Now, if your media files (e.g. Truefire courses) are in the same location on your new computer as they were on the old computer – then you’re done – you should be able to start MPE up and everything should work. If not, go onto the next step
  6. You’ll need to edit the XML files that you just copied across. In order to edit them you should be able to right click on them and ‘Open in Notebook’ – otherwise change their extensions from .xml to .txt then double-click them to open them in notepad and then change them back to .txt when you’ve finished editing
  7. The edits that you need to make are to change every instance of the old paths to the new paths – you should be able to do a global find/replace to do this

If you have any problems with this process, raise a support ticket here: https://musicianspracticeedge.freshdesk.com/support/login – we’re here to help!

Product Issues

MPE has stopped working! – I’m getting an ‘Invalid Licence’ error or it is reporting that I need to be connected to the internet (but I am!).

You need to install the latest version (which you can get here: http://www.musicianspracticeedge.com/free-trial/)

(FYI – the problem was that our licence server was moved. The new version points to the new licence server)


Older Truefire Courses are displaying diagonally and in black and white

See here: http://truefire.com/forum/showthread.php?14539-Musicians-Practice-Edge-anyone-tried-it

Post #10 in that thread has a solution