Course Accelerators

Course Accelerators are a super-quick way to get your courses set up in MPE. They can save you hours of time setting up sections, tempos, keys, positioning and zooming charts, etc.

Think of accelerators ‘wrapping around’ your existing courses, providing extra data,  which will help you get more out of MPE more quickly.


Windows Users: you need to download course accelerators from the list below, then import them into MPE.


Apple Version


Mac users: you do NOT need to download course accelerators separately. They are downloaded and applied automatically when you import TrueFire App courses.


The extra data provided by an accelerator includes:

  • Performance tempos & time signatures
  • Performance keys
  • Interesting parts of videos and jam tracks are marked off for you in sections
  • Links to associated files: charts, jam tracks etc. (which you can choose not to import if you already have associated files set up for your course)
  • Links to web pages (on some of the newer accelerators)
  • Setup of pdf charts (zoomed, scrolled & positioned ideally for the lesson) (on some of the newer accelerators)
  • Every lesson is named (not an issue for TrueFire courses, but useful on some others)

Want a Course Accelerator for one of your favourite courses? No problem – send us an email to let us know what you want, and we’ll prioritize it for you. Send your email to:
The downloads below are the currently available Course Accelerators…

NOTE: You have to own the course from the original provider (e.g. the Truefire course) for the course accelerator to work. Think of the accelerator as being like a ‘wrapper’ that fits afound a course that you already own

Truefire Courses

  • Improv Wizard – Oz Noy Download
  • Blues Jam Survival Guide – Jeff Scheetz Download
  • Blues Guitar Survival Guide – Lead – Jeff McErlain Download
  • 50 Rockabilly Licks You Must Know – Jason Loughlin Download
  • 30 Strumming Patterns You Must Know – Vicki Genfan Download
  • Chord Revolution – Foundations – Robben Ford Download
  • Electric Expression – Andy Timmons Download
  • Power Phrasing – Robbie Calvo Download
  • West Coast Blues – David Blacker Download
  • 50 Hard Rock Licks You Must Know – Angus Clark Download

GuitarTricks Courses

  • Blues Soloing Level 2-1. From the Crossroads – More Blues Lead – Anders Mouridsen Download

Tommy Harkenrider Courses

  • Swing for Blues Guitarists – Tommy Harkenrider Download