Practice time is

… use it wisely
This is the music practice assistant
you’ve been looking for

Practice Time is

… use it wisely
The Music Practice Assistant
you’ve been looking for

Musician’s Practice Edge – Practice Assistant —
Optimized for TrueFire Courses

  • Video

    Keep all your music video lessons organized in one tool. Slow down video whilst retaining pitch. Zoom on video. Mark sections for easy retrieval.

  • Audio

    Speed, pitch and looping. Jam tracks associated with video lessons. EQ to isolate parts that are hard to hear in the mix..

  • Training

    Progressively increase speed on video/audio loops. Systematically work through different keys. All whilst still watching the video. Also available on audio.

  • Organize

    Import courses (especially TrueFire) quickly and easily.Content grouped in libraries. Set up each lesson/track the way you want it – ONCE.